The promotional event titled "Two books of a science" held at Shkodra University.

The promotional event titled "Two books of a science" was held at the conference hall of the University Scientific Library of Shkodra University. This event promoted two monographs, which were a result of a proper research work of the professors of the Faculty of Law, Dr. Entela Hoxhaj and Dr. Florian Bjanku.

This activity was of a great interest not only to teachers and students but also to the local government representatives, directors of law institutions and specialists in the field of justice. Prof. dr. Artan Haxhi, the Rector of Shkodra University, Prof. dr. Xhezair Zaganjori, the President of the Supreme Court, and Mr. Maxhid Cungu, President of Shkodra Regional Council, attended this activity.

Prof. dr. Alfred Capaliku said that these two books in field of law written by Dr. Entela Hoxhaj and dr. Florian Bjanku were indicators of the scientific work at the Faculty of Law of the University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi".

The Dean of the Faculty of Law, Professor Gasper Kokaj, discussed the scientific value of these monographs. He said that those works were an added value not only to the writers but also to the Faculty of Law itself.

Prof. dr. Paskal Haxhi, the scientific leader and reviewer of the monograph written by Mr. Bjanku took the floor and said: “I feel very pleased to be present to the promotion of the book written by one of my students. It is one of the doctorate theses that constitute a special case. Florian Bjanku has implemented my advices in a creative way. I thank him because at this age I am, he made ​​me experience such an important event. Land ownership is a key topic that has preoccupied justice and the Albanian state. I think that this text can also best be used in teaching".

The President of the Supreme Court, Prof. dr. Xhezair Zaganjori shared with the audience the emotion of participating in this promotion and said:  “The book worked and published by Dr. Entela Hoxhaj, is very useful and qualitative. The Constitutional law matters discussed in this monograph intersect and reflect quite well the Albanian reality. At the same time I would like to praise Bjanku´s monograph as a highly original work on the issues of ownership”.

Mrs. Hoxhaj thanked in particular the scientific leader of her work, the Dean of the Faculty of Law and her parents. She said: "I think I did a study that can serve to anyone who wants to have an idea about the processes of constitutional change in European states´ practice. Is it possible to revise strict European constitutions like our new constitution, especially when there is still being politically discussed its change? These questions are answered while reading. I believe that this book will encourage me to make further steps in the field of publishing. In this monograph the author reflects constitutional theory and practice of European countries, the problems associated with their respective constitutional changes and the serious attempt to serve to scholars and students in comparing constitutional law”.

In his speech Dr. Bjanku said: "The realization of this monograph began as a doctoral dissertation. I was very careful to use simple and communicative phrases. In this way, this publication will become open to every reader. This work treats high sensitivity and present topics. This is the reason that I decided to title this monograph "The issue of property in Albania” in order to identify the object at the very beginning of the an issue which involves processes related to ownership and property rights such as the reform of agricultural land; processes of restitution to former owners; illegal developments and informal settlements; valuation methodologies and price of land; registration of property transactions; spatial fragmentation and land planning in the context of transition and inventory processes transfer of state property".

This work analyzes the main legal, institutional and political processes in Albania and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe where the land reform was an important part after the collapse of the Communist regime. The author intended to shed light on three aspects closely related among them: protection of property rights, rule of law and consolidation of land market relations. The author points out issues which still need to be resolved and simultaneously focuses on aspects of the protection of fundamental human rights. The study concludes with recommendations for priority actions to further reform steps.

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