Vice Rector

Vice Rector: dr. Ilir BERHANI

University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi"

Tel/Fax :+355 (2224) 2235

e-mail :

Functions of the Vice Rector

1. Compiles the calendar of the teaching plan
2. Monitors the teaching and scientific work at USH as well as the teaching load of the staff.
3. Monitors the drafting and implementation of the teaching plans and curricula of all cycles in all faculties.
4. Organizes and monitors the qualification of the postgraduate qualifications and the process of PhD studies. 
5. Directs and supervises the admission of the students at USH.
6. Monitors the activity of the Scientific and Curricula Office.

7. Organizes quality assurance at USH, faculties and departments, etc.