Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences has four branches: Linguistics- Literature, History, Geography and Communication Mass media. After finishing studies at this faculty, the faculty issues the following diplomas:

  • “Bachelor degree in Albanian Language and Literature”,
  • “Bachelor degree in History”,
  • “Bachelor degree in Geography”,
  • “Bachelor degree in Communication Mass media”.

Diploma of the second level (Master of Science) in Albanian and Ethno-cultural studies in three different directions":

  • Albanian studies
  • Detailed studies in linguistics
  • Albanian Ethno-culture and literature

Diploma of the third cycle, (PhD) in:

  • Albanian Language 

This faculty has four departments (Linguistic, Literature, History and Geography) and the Institute of Albanological Studies. 
39 full-time pedagogues teach at this faculty. The academic staff of this faculty is composed of 9 Professors, 11 Associated Professors, 2 Docents, 13 Ph D, 3 Ph.D cadidates, 1 Master. 
There also teach 22 part-time pedagogues at this faculty (1 Emeritus Professor, 3 Professors, 3 Associated Professors, 5 Ph.D, 7 Ph.D cadidates, 3 lecturers). 

Dean: Prof.as.dr. Mimoza Priku
email:  mpriku@unishk.edu.al

tel. +355 22 800655

Dean’s secretary: Ingrit Pali, email: ipali@unishk.edu.al: paliingrit@yahoo.com   tel. +355 22 800655

Educational Secretaries: Alketa (Berdaku), HOTI, e-mail: a-hoti @unishk.edu.al tel: +355 22 800655