University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi" 

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ADMINISTRATOR : Eriklida Shpori
Functions of the Administrator

Administrator of Public Institution of Higher Education has authority over the composition of the Rectorate of the Public Institution of Higher Education. In order to fulfill his function as representative of state authority in the institution, he performs the following tasks: 

a) directs the activities of the administration of the Institution; 

b) implements financial management of the Institution; 

c) directs the planning and realization of investments of the Institution; 

d) overseeing all hiring procedures; 

e) directs the hiring procedures and performance evaluation of administrative staff of the Institution; 

f) with the authorization of the Rector, represents Institution in all judicial processes or resolving disputes with third parties, natural or juridical persons; 

g) leads the technical secretariat that supports the activities of the Council of Administration of the Institution; 

h) monitors the implementation of legality in the activities of the Institution.