Faculty of Law

The faculty of Law has one branch: Jurisprudence Branch. After finishing studies at this faculty, this faculty issues the following diploma
  •  Bachelor degree - Jurist”, 

Diploma of the second level (Master of Science)

  • Private and Business Right
  • Administrative and Constitutional Right


This faculty has three departments: Public Law, Civil Law and European and International Right Departments. 20 full- time pedagogues teach in this Faculty. This academic staff is composed of 4 Associated professors, 8 PhD, 4 Ph.D cadidates and 4 Master lecturers.

Dean: PhD. Roland DODANI

e-mail: rdodani@unishk.edu.al 

tel.: +355 22 800658

Dean’s Secretary:  Alba THAÇI tel.:  +35522 800658

Educational Secretary: Vjollca (Mlloja) IVZIKU 

e-mail: vivziku@unishk.edu.al

tel: +355222521 - 00