Faculty of Foreign Languages

The Faculty of Foreign Languages has four branches: English Studies, German Studies, Italian Studies and French Studies. After finishing studies at this faculty, this faculty issues the following diplomas
  • " Bachelor degree in English and American Studies"
  • " Bachelor degree in German Philology",
  • " Bachelor degree in Italian Language and Culture",
  • " Bachelor degree in French Language and Culture".


  •  Professional Master in German language translation and interpretation


There are three departments in this faculty: English Studies, German Studies and Romance departments. 24 full- time pedagogues teach in this faculty. This academic staff is composed of 1 Prof.dr., 6 Associated Professors, 8 PhD, 2
Ph.D cadidates, 7 Masters. There also teach 57 part-time pedagogues (1 Emeritus Professor, 2 PhD, 4 Ph.D cadidates, 25 Masters, 20 Lecturers and Assistant Pedagogues.


Dean: Prof.as.dr. Alma (Dibra) HAFIZI   email: ahafizi@unishk.edu.al 

tel: +35522 800653           

Dean’s Secretary: Fatjona (Milla) TROSHANI 

email:  fmilla@unishk.edu.al    tel. +35522 800653
Educational Secretary: Lindita (Maçaj) FRASHNI
tel: +35522 800653