The open lecture from the Chinese albanologist Prof. dr. Ke Jing

On 20.01.2018, Prof.dr. Ke Jing (from the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Beijing University) held an open lecture titled "Some developments of Albanian Studies in China - achievements and perspectives" with the students of Albanian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Shkodra University. Prof.dr Ke Jing is a professor of Albanian language and vice-Dean of the Faculty of European Languages ​​and Cultures at Beijing Foreign Languages University. She attended her studies from 1985 to 1989 on Albanian Language and Literature at the University of Prishtina in Kosovo. She got her PhD on humanities at the University of Louisville (USA) titled "the Four others" in the work of I. Kadare – A Study on the Albanian National Identity. After the lectures she held at the Academy of Sciences in Albania, University of Prishtina and in some other Albanian studies Centers, she selected the University of Shkodra to represent the work of researchers of Albanian studies in China.
In her speech Prof. dr. Ke Jing made a panorama of the achievements of Albanian studies at Beijing University as well as in China. The Chinese Albanologist informed the students on the work they had done over the years together with all her colleagues but not only by establishing the Albanian branch but also by keeping alive this tradition. Thanks to this engagement, today at Beijing University of Foreign Languages, Albanian language is taught in three levels: Bachelor, Master and PhD. With a pure Albanian language, Prof.dr. Ke Jing informed that the interest of Chinese students on Albanian language has been increased in the recent years. Among other things she presented an extract of her thesis titled: Four "Others" in the work of Albanian writer Ismail Kadare. The lecture had a great interest by the professors and students and ended with questions and discussions.

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