Meeting between the delegation from the Faculty of Economics, Zenica University (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the delegation of Shkodra University.

In the framework of the internationalization and the inclusion of Shkodra University in the academic networks with other national and international universities, the International Relations Office of Shkodra University "Luigj Gurakuqi" organized a meeting with the delegation of the Faculty of Economics of Zenica University from Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday 13 February 2018. The delegation from Zenica was composed by the following professors:
Prof. dr. Alaudin Brkic, Dean of the Faculty of Economics;
Prof. dr. Rifet Djogic, Vice President of the Faculty of Economy;
Prof. dr. Dzenan Kulovicm, vice - dean of the Faculty of Economics
Prof. dr. Darko Petkovic, director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of this University

They were also informed about the work, experience, projects and academic activity of the Faculty of Economics as well as they exchanged their experiences. At the end of the meeting, both delegations signed a cooperation agreement on the possibility of becoming part of a network where the Faculty of Economics Ti rana University and the Faculty of Economics of Durres University "Aleksander Moisiu" belong to.

On February 14, 2018, the delegation of Zenica University was received by the Rector of Shkodra University, Prof. dr. Adem Bekteshi. They discussed possible areas of cooperation with mutual interest as well as joint projects under the Erasmus + program. It is worth mentioning that they agreed on the issues discussed, particularly on the possible increase number of students’ mobility between the respective universities.

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