Cancer, a common cause

In the framework of the International Cancer Awareness Day, the Student Volunteer Initiative in collaboration with the Faculty of Natural Sciences organized an open lecture on "Cancer, a Common Cause".
In this seminar referred the following persons:
Prof. As. Dr. Zamira Shabani
Dr. Irena Shestani
Dr. Manjola Shpori
Dr. Daniela Bega
The purpose of the seminar was to raise awareness and inform the participants about the benefits of medical examinations. The main message of this lecture was: “Control never hurt us”.
Finally, the representative of the Student Volunteer Initiative awarded the certificates to each of the professors and doctors who had their speeches.
The certificate of gratitude for the cooperation in the realization of this seminar was received also by the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Prof. Dr. Suzana Golemi.

Qualification of Academic University staff

Professors 10%
Associate Professors 22%
Dr. and/or with Docents 39%
Assistant lecturer 29%


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2153 part-time students
1885 MSc students
12 PhD students