Renewing the cooperation agreement between the University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi" and the University of Montenegro

On 3 May 2018, the University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi" renewed the cooperation agreement with the University of Montenegro. The meeting was held at the rectorate of the University of Shkodra, and the delegation consisted of: prof. dr. Adem Bekteshi (Rector of the University of Shkodra), Berhani (Vice Rector), prof.dr. Mimoza Priku (Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences) and Fatmir Vadahi (Dean of the Faculty of Education Sciences). The delegation of the University of Montenegro consisted of: prof. dr.Danilo Nikolic (Rector) and prof. dr. Dusko Bjelica (President of the Board of Administration).

The purpose of this agreement is to encourage cooperation between the two universities in support of exchanges of academic staff and students; drafting of joint projects and experiences, programs in the field of information and communication etc. Rector of the University of Shkodra, Prof. dr. Adem Bekteshi, considered the importance of cooperation regarding joint projects and scientific research related to Lake Shkodra, as well as the organization of joint international conferences, etc. Prof. Dr. Bekteshi emphasized that USH will continue to support with the academic staff an Albanian-language teaching branch, open to the University of Montenegro, where currently teaching 22 pedagogues. Another important focus is the opening of Doctoral Studies in the field of teaching. For this, Rector Bekteshi requested support from the University of Podgorica for staff, ideas, organization etc. Also, the Rector underlined the fact that the arrival of a professor specialized in Montenegrin language would be of interest, as in the last years at the University of Shkodra the subject of Montenegrin language as a subject is developed.

Rector of Montenegro, prof. Dr. Danilo Nikolic, considering the fact of a successful cooperation for several years with the University of Shkodra, expressed his willingness to continue this cooperation in the framework of joint European projects for the Lake of Shkodra, scientific research, conferences and workshops joint. Furthermore, prof. Nikolic expressed his readiness to welcome the Albanian academic staff that will teach in Montenegro, but also expressed his pleasure to select a Montenegrin professor to teach the Montenegrin language at the University of Shkodra. The co-operation agreement will be the forerunner of extending projects and academic long-term partnerships.

Qualification of Academic University staff

Professors 10%
Associate Professors 22%
Dr. and/or with Docents 39%
Assistant lecturer 29%


11988 bachelor students
2153 part-time students
1885 MSc students
12 PhD students