Rector of Shkodra University meets representatives of Kosovo Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on 21.03.2014

A delegation from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology held a meeting at the University of Shkodra " Luigj Gurakuqi". After welcoming the guests, the Rector of Shkodra University, Prof. dr. Artan Haxhi, recalled early relations with this institution that represents Kosovo universities and research. Focusing on the current cooperation with this institution, he stressed that it was time to seek quality. He said that he especially appreciated the joint contributions in the field of studies”.

The Vice President of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Prof. dr. Myzafere Limani, appreciated the enhancement of the cooperation with the University of Shkodra . In this context there should be strengthened and improved the quality of scientific research. She added: “We must be realistic part of Europe in the field of higher education. Our ministry has several concrete initiatives such as: increasing mobility not only in teaching but also in the field of scientific research, joint publications, increase the influence of Albanian universities in the world etc".

The Director of the Department of Science and Technology, Mr. Murteza Osdautaj, stressed that the purpose of the visit was to provide a concrete initiative in order to increase the scientific capacity and its quality within the European projects . He added: "We wish to institutionalize the mobility of scientists covering some costs in these movements. By joining forces and budgets, we will create a joint research groups and increase the scientific performance. In this way we will be able to obtain European funds".

Prof. dr . Hysen Matoshi , Director of the Institute of Albanology in Kosovo, recalled the positive experiences with the University of Shkodra in the creation of scientific institutes and good steps in the field of publishing . In this context, all the speakers highlighted the importance of the internationalization of university publications.

During this bilateral meeting participants shared the common opinion that the collaboration should continue with concrete steps for the progress of science in all Albanian territories. 

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