The Minister of Innovation and Public Administration Ms. Milena Harito meets the students of Shkodra University.

The Minister of Innovation and Public Administration, Ms. Milena Harito, met the students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Shkodra University. This activity was organised in the conference hall of the University Scientific Library on 01.16.2016.
Prof. dr. Adem Bekteshi, the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, welcome Ms. Harito and briefly introduced the topic of the meeting.
The Minister during her discussion focused on the presentation of the initiative titled: "My dream. Albania start-up business" announced on the official website of the Prime Minister, as the best opportunity to transform an idea into a real venture.
In this context, the Ms. Harito paid tribute to students who have chosen to study in the Natural Sciences and among the others she said: "Technology and information is for your generation as the paper and pencil for old generations. We want you to focus on technology and information. We want to help you put your beautiful ideas into a project, which must be detailed and lead you to an important undertaking. Ideas do not have to remain so, but they have to be put into practice through concrete and appropriate steps in order to achieve the desired success". Further answering questions and interest of teachers and students Ms. Milena Harito continued by saying that ideas were more likely to be presented by a mix of approaches, which means to be diversified. She added: "I invite your friends from other faculties to join you in yours applications. You need to organize your ideas".
For the participants it became clear that there is a growing interest of students to apply in this initiative.
This meeting had also got the interest of the media.
For more detailed information about the application you can visit the following link:

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