"Hoti in the course of centuries" - promotional activity of the Social Sciences Faculty

The promotional activity of the book titled: "Hoti in the course of centuries", organised by the Faculty of Social Sciences, took place on 12 December 2015 at "Walter Höflechner" room by the Scientific Library of Shkodra University, "Luigj Gurakuqi". This book was published by the publishing house "Fiorentina", Shkodër.
Prof. dr. Mahir Hoti opened the activity and at the beginning he made a presentation of some the papers presented in the symposium titled "Hoti in the course of the centuries" which was held in Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA, on 23-24 November 2013.
The program continued with references to the content of the book.
The following professors took the floor:
Prof. dr. Kolec Topalli
Prof. dr. Mahir Hoti
Prof. dr.Romeo Gurakuqi
Ma. Nikola Camaj
Speakers expressed their consideration for papers of this symposium which were included in the book titled "Hoti in the course of centuries."
The preface of the book, written by Prof. dr. Romeo Gurakuqi, states: "After nearly 20 months of systematically work, the organizing and the scientific editorial group presents to the reader this review with all of the conference papers in a single book, which is added to the studies dedicated to the province of Hoti and the highland region.
The conference is one of the scientific activities dedicated to Hoti region, but we should not forget that all Albanian and foreign scholars have worked for a long time to carry out studies on Hoti and highland regions. All of us should be grateful to the researchers, who in different periods of time, independently to each other enabled this collection of facts and documents".
The activity continued with discussions of the participants who attended with a special interest.

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