Presentation of the book titled "La Polveriera", written by Stefano Petrocchi

The book titled "La Polveriera", written by Stefano Petrocchi was presented on 13 January 2016 at the conference room of the University Scientific Library.
The event was organized by the Italian Institute of Culture in collaboration with the Department of Italian Studies of Shkodra University and the Italian Honorary Consulate in Shkodra.
Mr. Stefano Petrocchi, director of Bellonci Foundation, said that his first novel stories, events and intrigues characterise the highest literary award in Italy, "il Premio Strega". This award was established in Rome by the writers Maria Bellonci and Guido Alberti in 1947. The novel that was presented for the faculty members and students written by Mr. Petrocchi is an interesting journey into the history of Italian literature and culture from the second half of the last century till today.

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