On May 5-6, 2017 there was organized the workshop titled “Update of Quality and Quantitative Research Methods”

This activity took place in the framework of the activities which are being organized for the 60th anniversary of Shkodra University by the Department of Business Administration at FE and the Department of Psychology and Social Work at the Faculty of Education Sciences (FES).
The audience of the participants consisted of full time professors of FE and FES who showed a great interest on the presented topics. All participants received the necessary preliminary instructions for the installation of statistical packages (through the assistance of Mr. Gjovalin Deda). Presentation materials such as slides, databases, syntax of statistical packets, etc., were  sent via e-mails in electronic versions for each session. Also printed material with the information on the workshop was distributed to all participants.

 The group of presenters at the workshop was made up of Prof.as.dr. Ardita Boriçi, PhD Nevila Mehmetaj, PhD (c) Elvisa Drishti (FE) and PhD Visar Dizdari (FES).
Quantitative research methods were addressed in this activity by explaining basic statistical and econometric concepts as well as their illustrations by applying concrete examples of different statistical packages data SPSS and R; At the same time, the quality research methods were treated by explaining theoretical concepts with concrete examples of psychometric and social nature.
The activity was interactive and collaborative between presenters and participants in order to generate different questions, ideas and debates to be applied in the relevant research fields, as well as possible collaborations between research groups of FE and FES. During the session there were exchanged references from different secondary sources in Google Scholar and automatic citation.
The workshop was closed with discussions on this topic, the progress of the workshop and the generation of ideas from the participating parties as well as on what could be improved in such a potential future activity.
The event was held in the room 307 at the Faculty of Economics from 9.00 to 17.00.

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