University of Shkodra “Luigj Gurakuqi"celebrates the 60th anniversary of its establishment.

The University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi" organized a solemn ceremony at the end of the jubilee year of the 60th anniversary of its establishment. The event was attended by the President of the Republic of Albania, his Excellency Mr. Ilir Meta.

This important event gathered senior state personalities, deputies, rectors, academics, pedagogues and students.

In his greeting speech the Rector of Shkodra University "Luigj Gurakuqi", Prof. dr. Adem Bekteshi, said: "The achievements of the University in these 60 years are the result of a constant work and creativity, determination, passion for creativity and responsibility for education and science of many generations of professors and administrative staff. In today's celebration we want to express deep gratitude to other universities in Albania and abroad, research institutions, businesses and organizations, groups and individuals, scientists and managers in the local government centers of the country that have often collaborated and supported our institution in many ways by contributing to our university achievements, position and reputation." At the end he also dedicated a special wish to the past, present and future students of this university.

The President of the Republic of Albania, his Excellency Mr. Ilir Meta, praised the University "Luigj Gurakuqi" as a prominent example of knowledge in our country. Among other things, he said: "The 60th anniversary of Shkodra University is an extraordinary event not only for the wonderful city of Shkodra but for the whole country. Shkodra and its University constitute an important center of Albanian education, culture and science. The history, culture and education of this city have been and will remain a prominent value of Albanian history, culture and education. The ancestry that you have created for 60 years as well as the values you have achieved is a great asset to our country's education by offering a qualitative contribution to the economic development not only of this region, but also to the whole country for its progress on the path of democracy and European integration".

At this ceremony, the President awarded the title "Grand Master" to the professor of this university, Prof. dr. Dhimitri Dhora, for his excellent work in teaching and research.

Participants attended a documentary that briefly showed the long journey of the University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi".

The event continued with the award of Honorary Titles awarded by the Academic Senate of this University. The title "Honorary Professor" went to Prof.dr. Fatmir Hoxha and Prof. dr. Damir Matanovic, while the title "Gratitute of the University of Shkodra, “Luigj Gurakuqi " went to professors Bajram Xhafa, Bardhyl Kraja, Gilman Bakalli, Ilir Berhani, Kolë Nuku, Mina Gera, Mirjam Taipi, Rifat Talani, Vjollca Medja and Muhamet Trepçi.

Qualification of Academic University staff

Professors 10%
Associate Professors 22%
Dr. and/or with Docents 39%
Assistant lecturer 29%


11988 bachelor students
2153 part-time students
1885 MSc students
12 PhD students