Student Initiatives "I'm in blood feud but not forgotten"

The initiative of the “Volunteering Students” in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Publications at the University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi" organized the students´ initiative conceived under the motto: "I'm in blood feud but not forgotten".
This initiative of our students´ university consisted of collecting aid for families that are suffering the blood feud phenomena. The event was realized in the framework of the Universal Children's Day.
In this context, members of the “Volunteering Students” initiative were positioned in each faculty of the University as well as at the University Library and they collected the donations which then were used to offer school materials, toys, clothing and other items to the children who have been suffering the blood feud. Many students were part of this initiative after its publication on social networks. The Centre of Counselling and Psychological Services and the association "Përpjekja" contributed to this activity. Beside the materials donated to these children, a lot of other donations were also sent to their families. The donations consisted in books, notebooks, pencils, toys, clothes, food, detergents, etc.
This initiative was considered as very successful and it was a testimony of solidarity with many families and children in need.

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