The Scientific Research becomes tradition at the University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi"

The Fourth International Scientific Conference on "Harmonization of Research and Education with Sustainable Development" HRESDE 2017 was held at "Luigj Gurakuqi" University, with the participation of about 140 professors and researchers from all over Albania, Europe and the United States of America.
The scientific research has become a tradition at the University of Shkodra and it gives a new dimension to this institution towards today's academic challenges.
The represented scientific papers of the researchers made possible this international conference to fulfill the mission and promote the scientific value of the university in the service of students and community.
The conference was opened by the greeting of the Rector of Shkodra University, Prof.dr Adem Bekteshi, who thanked the participants for their exchanged experiences among the professors and researchers of the region which best serve not only to the scientific community but also to the preparation of new specialists. He added: “ Scientific conferences have become a tradition at our university and they are an expression of the will to achieve better results in science and the preparation of new specialists."
According to the Rector of Shkodra University, the organization of such a conference was an initiative of a group of dedicated lecturers not only in teaching but also in research, who should be thanked and evaluated for their work.
The scientific papers of about 140 researchers were divided into five different sections according to the scientific profiles. The conference had the following fields: Informatics, Technology, Biology, Physics, Albanology, Linguistics, Literature, Journalism, History, Psychology, Sociology, Law, Economics, Foreign Languages ​​etc.
The University of Shkodra is the second largest university in Albania after the University of Tirana and it is the largest in the norther part of Albania where the quality of teaching and academic staff have always received the maximum estimation.

Qualification of Academic University staff

Professors 10%
Associate Professors 22%
Dr. and/or with Docents 39%
Assistant lecturer 29%


11988 bachelor students
2153 part-time students
1885 MSc students
12 PhD students