Scientific Conference titled: 200 years with De Rada

Department of Literature of the Faculty of Social Sciences in collaboration Research Albanological Institute held international scientific conference titled: "200 years with De Rada". This conference took place on 03. 06. 2014 in the Conference Hall of the University Library in the framework of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Jeronim de Rada. This figure is known as a poet, publicist, folklorist, linguist, founder of Arbëresh literature and culture, Renaissance activist. De Rada has played a major role in the history of Albanian literature and became one of its leading figures. His influence on contemporary Arberesh writers was great and the poetic tradition created by him continues to be active in Arbëresh literature. De Rada had correspondence with the Albanian patriots and European cultural personalities and he showed a great interest on the events in Albania. In 1878 he supported the Albanian League of Prizren and spoke out against the mutilation of the Albanian territories. He gave valuable assistance to the national cause with the magazine titled "Flamuri Arbrit" which was published in 1883-1885. He conducted productive activities in the field of linguistic studies; he paid attention to issues of Albanians origin and Albanian language who preserved their antiquity. De Rada is the first Albanian scholar of Albanian grammar structure. In his two grammar works (1870, 1894), he noted aspects and linguistic phenomenon known or untreated. His works brought linguistic observations of materials on Arbëresh dialects. He made continuous efforts for a joint Albanian alphabet with the Latin alphabet and supplemented with some diacritical marks. De Rada held two congresses of the Albanian language, the first (1895) in Koriliano Kalabro, the second (1897) in Unger (Lungro). For decades he taught Albanian in Arbëresh college of St. Adrian, where he had studied.
Dr. Elinda Dibra, Head of Literature Department, opened the conference who estimated the image of De Rada and thanked the researchers who participated in this conference. In particular she thanked Arberesh researchers Francesco Altimari and Matteo Mandala.
The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Mimoza Priku, stated: "Thanks to the contribution of Arberesh researchers, especially the excellent work of Professor Altimari, we have in hand today the collection titled "Opera Omnia" which include De Rada´s work in his original language. After a long work of "BESA" foundation, De Rada´s work in now on digital form associated with the magazine published by De Rada "Flamuri Arberit".
Prof. dr. Fatbardha Hoxha, Head of the Institute of Albanological Studies, stressed that the University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi" should be happy that researchers managed to gather for the important image of De Rada.
Prof. Francesco Altimari made a welcoming speech for this conference which he considered it an academic conference. He thanked the organizers for the attention paid to 200th annual birth of De Rada.

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