Promotion of the monograph written by Kurt Gostenschnigg

Promotion of the monograph written by Kurt Gostenschnigg

The monograph written by Kurt Gostentschnigg: Wissenschaft im Spannungsfeld von Politik und Militär Die Österreichisch-Ungarische Albanologie 1867-1918. Wiesbaden: Springer VS 2018. (828 pp.) was promoted by the premises of the Scientific Library of Shkodra University "Luigj Gurakuqi”. This collaboration came as a result of collaboration between the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and the Austrian Embassy in Tirana in the framework of the activities organized for the cultural year of the relations between Austria - Albania.
This monograph provides for the first time a summary of all Austro-Hungarian-Albanian relations in science, politics, economy, army and culture, as well as an attempt to reconstruct the fields of "science / albanology", "politics", "army" and "Austrophilous" according to the field theory of Pierre Bourdieu's. This study responds to the question of linking the science, politics and the military to these bilateral relations by applying the theory of cultural imperialism to Johan Galtung by identifying individual and collective actors in the aforementioned fields. This was also done by focusing on their perspectives, typifying individual actors, and a reconstruction of the so-called "field of power".
The main chapters are focused on the research as following:
• Scientific field
• Political field
• Military Field
• The Austrophils field
• Interaction of the fields
After a colossal research work, the author concludes that the "Field of Power" can be considered a motor for cultural imperialism through structural and cultural violence.
The paper, besides the scientific, archival and historical values, provides study areas for students, pedagogues and scholars of history, political science, diplomacy, Linguistics, Albanology, ethnography, geography and archeology who want to be engaged in the diplomatic service.
The author of this monograph, Mag. Dr. phil. Kurt Gostentschnigg is a historian, a researcher of Albanian and German studies, translator and interpreter of the German-Albanian Language as well as a writer and poet, resident in Graz, Austria.

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