The International Scientific Conference titled: "Tomor Osmani, a life with Albanian Studies"

The Department of Linguistics at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Shkodra University "Luigj Gurakuqi", organized the international scientific conference titled: "Tomor Osmani, a life with Albanian Studies".
The event took place on 27.01. 2016 by the conference room of the Rectorate of Shkodra University.
The work of Prof.dr. Tomorr Osmani was estimated as a valuable contribution to Albanian Studies during this conference. The hard work of the professor and researcher is addressed to the most important issues of Albanian History and Language. His work relies on facts and documents which provide us valuable material not only for the history, antiquity and language but also to our nation. In this context, Prof. dr. Tomor Osmani is and will remain an outstanding figure of our linguistics.
Prof. dr. Tomor Osmani was born in Shkodra in 1935, where he attended the studies of the secondary education. He attended his University studies and was graduated in the branch Albanian language and literature at the University of Tirana in 1958. He taught several years in secondary education. He has been a professor of Shkodra University since 1963. In 1995 he was chairman of the Albanian Studies Department which later got the status of the Institute of Albanian Studies. He was the Head of the Department of Albanian Language in 2005-2007.
The Professor has a well know career in publishing and some of the most important published studies are as following: "History of Albanian alphabet" (Tiranë, 1987); "The Way of Latin letters" (Shkodra, 1999; second edition Tiranë, 2008); "Tradition and the present from the linguistic point of view" I, II, III, IV; Co-author of "taboos and euphemisms" (Shkodër, 2000); "The University of Shkodra in years" (Shkodër, 2002); "The University of Shkodra in its 50th anniversary" (Shkodër, 2007); "The University of Shkodra on the 100th anniversary of Independence" (Shkodër, 2012) and some textbooks for Albanian language. He is the author of 400 scientific articles in the periodical press, as well as a participant in 150 activities and scientific conferences at both national and international level. The professor is the Head of the editorial board of "Scientific Journal" (Series of Social Sciences) at the University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi" (2000- onwards). He has been a Delegate in the “Congress of Spelling (1972). Prof. Osmani is also awarded the following titles "Great Master", "Recognition of Shkodra City" and " Emeritus Professor " of Shkodra University.
The conference continued the work according to planned program.
At the end of the event there was presented a documentary about the life and the scientific activity of Prof. dr. Tomor Osmani.
In his speech, Prof. Osmani among the others said: "The organisation of such an event is a special honour to me. A special thank goes to the organizers: Prof. dr. Artan Haxhi, (Rector of Shkodra University) Prof. Mimoza Priku (Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences), Prof. as. dr. Rrezarta Draçini (Director of the Department of Linguistics) for their initiative. I would also like to thank all the guests from Shkodra, Tirana, Gjirokastra, Pristina, Skopje and Germany”

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