Graduation Ceremony organized by the Faculty of Economics

The graduation ceremony organized by the Faculty of Economics took place on 15 July 2017 at Millennium Cinema. Vice- Rector of Shkodra University, Ilir Bërhani, the Dean of this Faculty, Prof. as. dr. Blerta Dragusha, members of the academic staff, students of the three branches of this Faculty and other guests participated in this ceremony.
The ceremony was opened with the greeting speech of the graduated student who attended the Bachelor study program in Tourism, Vera Gjeka, who was followed by the Vice- Rector of USH, Prof. as. dr. Ilir Bërhani and the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. as.dr. Blerta Dragusha.

In his speech, the Vice- Rector stressed out the achievements of the Faculty of Economics and congratulated the graduated students for the successful completion of their study cycles. In the same time he wished them for future success of realizing their goals.
The Dean of the Faculty of Economics expressed the pride for the large number of students graduated from this faculty in the academic year 2016-2017 and the fact that they represent the 20th generation of graduated students at the Faculty of Economics. Prof. as. dr. Blerta Dragusha, welcomed the parents of the graduated students for their dedication and the valuable contribution given to their children.
The next speaker was Prof. dr. Mirjeta Beqiri, former professor of this faculty who works as a lecturer at Gonzaga University in the US Washington State nowadays. She offered the annual prize "Sadet & Mirjeta Beqiri Excellence Award" for students with the best results in Bachelor in Business - Administration and Finance-Accounting. A similar price was also offered by B7 Lounge, Zogaj for the student with the best results in the Tourism study program.
Greetings continued with the speech of the Director of Yunus Emre Institute, who provided the opportunity to develop a one-week internship for third-year students of Business Administration and Tourism branches in Antalya resorts in May this year. In his speech he expressed the desire for continuation of the future cooperation with FE and USH.

A video was presented with the activities organized by the Faculty of Economics during the academic year 2016-2017, accompanied by the award of the certificates of the Course offered on Fiscal policies organized by Department of Finance-Accounting in June this year.
Student, Albana Bushati, presented a funny footage dedicated to FE which was followed by two other videos dedicated to students. In the first one there were presented some of the most beautiful moments Bachelor students life of all three study programs, while in the second one the successful experience of a student from the Tourism Department as a top model in China.
At the end of the ceremony there were awarded the diplomas and traditional throwing graduation caps.

Qualification of Academic University staff

Professors 10%
Associate Professors 22%
Dr. and/or with Docents 39%
Assistant lecturer 29%


11988 bachelor students
2153 part-time students
1885 MSc students
12 PhD students