Faculty of Social Sciences and the Union of Kosovo Writers organized the scientific activity entitled: "Adem Demaçi and his work ".

Faculty of Social Sciences and the Union of Kosovo Writers organized the scientific activity entitled: "Adem Demaçi and his work” on 30.10.2013. This activity was organised in the University Scientific Library. In this meeting there were promoted all works of this author. The opening speech was held by Prof. as. dr. Mimoza Priku, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, who said: "Today we promote the literary creativity of this important figure in the first two plans, in both literary and linguistic. All the papers that will be presented today will be focused on both the art of writing and linguistic aspect. They will discover the original writer, special stylist, word-formation, narrator, poet, playwright and philosopher. Adem Demaçi´s literary work has an important place in the history of the Albanian national literature".

The President of the Union of Kosovo Writers, Prof. dr. Shyqyri Galica made ​​the presentation: “The life and work of Adem Demaçi ". He stressed that the work of Adem Demaçi described the reality of the lives of Albanians in the former Yugoslavia and later Serbia.

The activity continued with papers presented by: Dr. Arben Prendi : "Theme, characters and world problems in several novels of Adam Demaçi" (Analysed novels “Gjarpinjtë e gjakut”, “Alb Prometeu”, “Dashuria kuantike e filanit”) .

Prof . dr . Tefe Topalli - Dr . Anisa Kosteri : "Linguistic features from both dialects in Adem Demaçi´s fiction”.

Dr. Elinda Dibra: "Adam Demaçi, a living legend".

Prof. as.dr. Rrezarta Draçini: "A psycholinguistic treatment of Adem Demaçi´s prose"

Dr. Flora Brovina: “Adem Demaçi´s figure in literature".

Prof . Abdyl Kadolli "National drama in artistic drama ".

At the end of the meeting the author appreciated very much the work represented by the professors that were referred on his artistic and social contribution. He said "I am surprised by your work. For me it is a pleasure to see that my work is being understood and experienced. You called me hero, but I more than that, I feel a simple soldier of my people". He further noted Koliqi´s impacts especially in his prose and expressed sympathy for the Gheg agility considering it as an important part in Albanian language. “We are a nation and we must think and act nationally ": concluded the speaker.

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