Diplomacy of Ismail Kemal Bey Vlora - internal rivalries in Albania and the way to Independence in 1912/13

Prof. dr. Eqrem Zenelaj promoted his book titled: "Diplomacy of Ismail Kemal Bey Vlora - internal rivalries in Albania and the way to Independence in 1912/13”. This activity was organised in the conference room of the Rectorate of Shkodra University "Luigj Gurakuqi".
A year ago this author promoted in our University his monograph titled: "Genealogy of the Albanian family, “Albani” from Urbino and Bergamo Italy - Pope Clement XI - ALBANI". This monograph was appreciated by the fact that the author had collected materials for Albani family which has an important place in Italian culture.
So far, Prof. Eqrem Zenelaj has published five books with internationally and German-speaking countries well-known editors. This is his sixth book. Among other things, Eqrem Zenelaj has opened three large exhibitions with old documents and archival prints of national importance. The first in the Art Gallery on the occasion of the 540th death anniversary of Albanian national hero Gjergj Kastrioti-Skanderbeg, the second at the National Museum on the occasion of the first anniversary of Kosovo's independence, the third exhibition, which is the biggest one, was opened in the National History Museum in Tirana where he presented 240 engravings of old national documents on the 100th anniversary of Independence of Albania. He presented the fourth exhibition entitled: "Shkodra with the surroundings, with picture taken during 1912-1917". This exhibition was organised at Shkodra Municipality.
Porf. Eqrem Zenelaj has lectured at Pristina Public University and several other universities. Currently he teaches at the "FAMA" University in Pristina and Royal University "ILIRIA".
In this activity he was also accompanied by a group of personalities from the academic staff and students from Kosovo.
Speaking in promotional activity, the Rector Shkodra of University "Luigj Gurakuqi", Prof. dr. Artan Haxhi said: "The latest book of Prof. Eqrem Zenelaj titled " Diplomacy of Ismail Kemal Bey Vlora - internal rivalries in Albania and the way to Independence in 1912/13 ", is a contribution of high scientific value as it comes as a result of a long scientific work and Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and Italian archival sources.
The author writes in the introduction of this book “Writing the history is not the exclusive right of a single person but the right of everyone". With this motto Prof. Zenelaj seems to have dug into the archives bringing us facts, pictures and documents which are all impressive not only for historians".
In this promotional meeting there had their speeches the following personalities: The director of “Vatra” Publishing, Mr. Jonuz Fetahaj (poet and writer), Vice - Rector of the State University of Kosovo, Prof. dr. Muhamet Mala and Dr. Elena Kocaqi (Levant), a well-known historian for relationships between Albania and Austria.
Presenting his Prof. Eqrem Zenelaj noted some elements from the original documents, which came for the first time to readers such as: "The Declaration of Independence of Albania signed in Durres on 26-27 November 1912"; "Ismail Kemal Vlora Memorandum" of 1903 sent the Great Powers and the Sublime Porte as well as the "National political appeal" of this patriot sent to Albanian nobles from Rome in 1909. Another new thing is the discovery of Vlora genealogical family tree.
These two activities, the book promotion and the exhibition in the Municipality, were organized under the auspices of the Rector of Shkodra University and the Municipality of Shkodra city.
In conclusion of this activity, Prof. dr. Eqrem Zenelaj donated to the University several copies of this book while historical photographs were donated to the Municipality of Shkodra city.

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