Hungarian documentary film, "1989"

The Albanian Institute of Media in collaboration with the Department of Journalism at Shkodra University showed the Hungarian documentary film "1989". The event was organized in the conference hall of the University Scientific Library.
The coordinator of the Albanian Media Institute, Mr. Agim Doksani, made a short description of the film for students of journalism. He praised the themes of the film and its implementation techniques.
"1989" is a political drama about the fall of the “Iron Curtain”. A new and unknown technocrat, Miklos Nemeth, becomes the new prime minister of Hungary. He must save the country's battered economy and immediately decided to remove from the state budget the massive and costly apparatus which controlled the borders. He soon realized that that decision made him an enemy to the powerful opponents and communist fanatics. At that time, a young couple from East Germany decided to have a trip across Europe prompted by rumours that the Hungarian border was open to Austria for several days. Like thousands of other East Germans, they decided to try but remained stuck in the political power game played behind closed doors in the Eastern bloc. The young man was shot for death at the border, a tragic event that paradoxically accelerated Nemeth to the final decision to open borders and shortly thereafter the Berlin Wall fell down.
This documentary is prepared by Anders Østergaard and it shows the events which happened in 1989 and led the public to the secret meetings in rooms through a mix of "evidence", archive material and reconstructed dialogues of the political figures of that time.
This film was followed with interest by students of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

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